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Web applications


Mobile phones

  • I recently bought an Android mobile phone (LG P690, sold in Italy by the name of “LG Optimus Net”, Portugal as “LG Maximo PRO” and Russia as “LG Optimus Link”). I actually hate graphical emoticons, and like to quickly see the time a message has been sent, so I modified the default sms/mms application to suit my needs.


  • In Customizing Firefox 4 beta my way I will describe my first encounter with userChrome.css, the file that permits per-user customization of the appearance of the application.
  • Here in Italy, Vodafone's website does not allow for easy retrieval of a SIM card information from a programmer's perspective. So I wrote a C# program that simulates the Vodafone Widget and the Flash pieces of the original web site to retrieve and print the interesting details of a SIM card.
  • Synaptics multi-touch drivers actually suck at two-finger scroll. There is a sudden acceleration when the gesture is first recognized, so good control over little motion is totally impossible. Well, the solution is TwoFingerScroll. Simple background program, every parameter can be fine-tuned (Synaptics' official software has NO tuning option), so you can set a slow speed and very little acceleration. And yes, you can now scroll single pixels a time. You better learn, Synaptics.
  • I don't care how, but sometimes you may corrupt the /var/lib/dpkg directory from your Debian installation. Fear not, young geek: there is a solution for that.
  • Entratel is a software from the Italian Tax Administration that should ease the life of fiscal consultants. It is actually a disastrous behemoth of Java software that does not respect any of the standard software guidelines. It requires a particular version of the JRE to succesfully install, and will not accept newer versions. So here's a workaround to use the software and be protected.

Server administration


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